Iroquois Golf Club
Iroquois Golf Club


All handicapping is done on line at Members can now enter scores at the club kiosk in the pro shop or from their home computer. If you wish to enter scores from home, please follow these instructions.

The First Time You Log In

  1. Obtain your temporary log in credentials (username and password) from the pro shop.
  2. Navigate to and log in (Log in link is at upper right of page).
  3. Follow the instructions for submitting your profile.
  4. Click each tab and complete the form under each tab.  Remember to click the Save button after completing each form.
  5. Please alter your username and password to values only you could know.
  6. After completing your tasks, click Log Out near the top of your page.

Logging In to Enter Scores

  1. Navigate to
  2. If your name and id does not appear in the dark grety banner at the top, you must log in using the link at upper right of page.
  3. Click the large red Post a Score button near the top.
  4. If you wish to track your performance or if you are unsure of how to determine your ESC adjusted score, we recommend clicking the Hole by Hole tab near the top left.
  5. For quicker data entries you can click Total tab and submit an ESC adjusted score.  A current ESC chart appears at the bottom of this page if you need it..
  6. Make sure the the correct value is selected for each parameter (tees, holes, tournament score, solo round).
  7. If you are entering hole by hole scores, complete the scorecard underneath.
  8. After submitting a score you must confirm your score by clicking the Confirm button or it will not be recorded or used in your handicap calculation.
  9. After completing your tasks, click Log Out near the top right of your page.

Multiple Club Members

If you are a member at two or more clubs, please let us know. The RCGA will set up a special account so that you can make single score entries but appear on more than one roster.

Equitable Stroke Control

Golf Canada invoked new ESC guidelines beginning in the 2012 golfing season.

Course Handicap Range Hole Scoring Limit
Over 40 Maximum score of 10
30-39 Maximum score of 9
20-29 Maximum score of 8
10-19 Maximum score of 7
0-9 Maximum of 2 over par